Thank you for your love, support and generosity.  Without your help, such a wonderful day and fun celebration would not be possible.

We would like to personally thank the following people whose contributions were beyond our expectations:

Thanks to Pastor De Nguyen and Nancy Tang for the wonderful ceremony.  From the prayers, the vows, ring exchange to the sand unity tradition, we did them all, correctly (phew!) under your guidance.

Thanks to Best Man Hari Murthy and Maid of Honor Lisa Tang for their wonderful toasts.  We were very touched by your words.  Also, we were very blessed to have Hari, Lisa, Groomsman Hideki Tanaka and Bridesmaid Sofia Tang standing by our sides and accompanying us thru the ordeal (oops, we meant the journey to happy marriage).  Also, you all looked very handsome and beautiful.  And who can forget the beautiful flower girl Elyse Yip, lovely bible girl Misa Nguyen, and handsome ring bearer Minh Nguyen.  Someday you will have wonderful marriages of your own; we are glad you were a part of ours.

Thanks to our dedicated photographers Thi Tang, Chris Tang, and Ha Dung.  Without your hard works, we won't have beautiful images to cherish for years to come.  We'd also like to thank our videographer Trung Phan.  Because without beautiful, funny and embarrassing moments recorded on video, that would be tragic.

Thanks to our lovely greeters Vi Nguyen and Misa, who welcomed our guests with happy smiles.

Thanks to Van Anh Thanh, Ngoc Khang and Cuc Tang for the doing all the works while we sat back, enjoyed ourselves, and chilled out with some drinks.

Finally, last but not least, thanks to our MC Cam Tu Nguyen.  She not only did wonderfully on the wedding day, but also kicked out butts along the way to get there.  Nothing would get done if she did not get involved.  She also helped with the flower arrangement and general awesomeness.

We'd also like to thank florist Nhung Vo who was really cheap (we didn't have to pay her).

Someday, when we recover from all this wedding craziness, we will have to sit down and write proper thank you letters to each of you.  For now please accept our sincere appreciation for making it happen: you're the best!

Danny + Celine

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