Wedding Program

9:00 am           RR arrives to set up the room, ceremony chairs on patio. ( 30 min)
9:30 am           Celine with her bridal party and family arrive to finish getting ready and take pictures. Celine hides at 10:00 am.( 30 min)
10:00 am         Danny and his bridal party and family arrive to take pictures. ( 30 min)
10:30 am         Guests arrive. ( 15 min)
10:45 am         Ceremony. (approx. 50 min )
                        Cake arrives.
11:35 am         Passed appetizers on patio, bar opens, photos of bride and groom and families/ guests. (approx.30 min)
12:05 pm         Guests asked to be seated.
                        Bride and Groom announced in. ( approx. 10 min )
12:15 pm         Luncheon buffet open. (10 min)
12:25 pm         Celine and Danny visit tables.(35 min)
1:00 pm         MC Tu Nguyen introduces the Groom and the Bride’s families/ relatives ( approx.10 min)
  1:10 pm         Toasts by Best Man and Maid of Honor.(15 min)
  1:25 pm         Cake cutting.(15 min)
  1:40 pm         Bouquet throw.(15 min)
  1:55 pm         Garter toss.( 15 min)
  2:10 pm         Dancing.(45 min)
  2:55 pm         Last dance.(15 min)
  3:05 pm         Guests are invited outside to walkway to say farewell to Bride and Groom.
                        RR begins clean up and breakdown.(60 min)
  4:00 pm         RR departs ( estimated)


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